I'm A BarbieGirl?

Seems the world has gone NICKI CRAZY.....haven't seen this kinda frenzy since KIM.

Since she burst onto the scene in 2007 with her debut "Playtime Is Over". Shes been heating up the airwaves ,being featured on everybodies single from Gucci Mane to Usher.Her alias keeps her name in everyones mouth..."Nicki Lewinsky".."Nicki The Ninja".."Nicki The Harajuki Barbie ".Shes the new face of female hip hop ,with her animated rhymes and pink streaks.But what happens when the biggest question is does she write her own rhymes? Who is this BARBIEGIRL????

Welp ....she was actually born Onika Maraj .She is 25 and was born in Queens,New York.

Is she Asian?well not actually

She's of Trinidadian & Indo-Asian decent...

Her first interview where she admitted to being openly bi-sexual with VladTV .

No matter what rumors say,she is on her grind and it doesn't look like she stopping anytime soon. As one of the first ladies of Young Money,shes git every "Barbie"..wanting to be her. But aren't Barbies Plastic?

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