"Everybody's just sooooo fashionable. Lol. I guess. Lol.":-Elle Latimer
Had to copy & paste this from my Twitter page. Fashion is an expression of creativity, not imitation . What ever happen to creating your own image .Now everybodies walking around looking like each other .Especially these "5 Star Chicks"..that all shop at Forever 21. Theres nothing wrong with the store ,i purchase a few bare minimums from there. For the really slow ,barely nothing or basic tees & such. These 'fashion students',that just got a passion because everyone else thought of the idea,hunny somethings just cant be taught . Be yourself ,everyone else is taken. As far as fashion goes I love vintage fashion, the 80's & the 90's were my favorite fashion decades. These days I stay tuned to Bazaar & Elle..even several fashion blogs take a look to your right. Strapless ,Queenie Valentine,SocialRags etc. Honestly, a simple clutch,ring ,pearls of bangle can create a look. Just keep an open mind and think outside of the box .Even though people may think Lady Gaga is ecentric(which she is )..but her style is as outside of the box as they get . Just think about it ...the quote to the left to me is basically the definition of what fashion is .One of my muses in life is styling others,however I would never do it for a living .its just a hobby or for fun.

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