"The Resurrection....Dec 2009"

"Behind The Screen ...Between the Lines"..-New York Times
Vibe has been feeding us a stories for over 16 years.With the launch in 1996 by music mogul Quincy Jones.When Vibe announced its final release due to the media recession, in the summer of '09.
Im a magazine buff, i have hundreds of them ,from fashion,entertainment gossip etc.VIbe has always been my favorite magazine ,they always seem to tackle controversy and are so diverse .When otheR mags stick to the same MOTIF. ,you can expect anything from VIBE.
This is the Chris Brown cover we should have saw....
was a cover of Chris with the same exact shirt ... but written in white says "Everybody Hates Chris"
Hows that for controversy...
Funny how they were sooo quick to throw him under the bus...for a simple mistake
Were' Human we're supposed to make mistakes.When you dont learn from them is the crime .His article summerize his feelings about how the media has downplayed him and the future of his career geez "CAN HE LIVE"??
DRAKE ...Hip Hops New Religion
His long awaited, "Thank Me Later"..has everyone wondering if this guy will live up to his hype.However,if your tired of waiting ..then pick up "We Are Young Money" and get your Drake fix...Personally Im still in love with "So Far Gone" & "Comeback Season"
On the other hand I'm just estatic that Vibe is back...this cover will be on stands until April 2010

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