Had to copy this ,I dont think they get it . But I do, we are in some ways on the same mental journey and we let our mental thoughts spill on paper .The world has yet to see what we have in store for it. && honestly speaking I dont think they are ready.People are placed in your life for a reason ..Love Ya

Writing Keeps me Sane: What's the source of  your Sanity?
Everywhere I go I must have my notebook.My interest in a new purse comes solely from its size. If my notebook can't fit inside I don't bother.When I pull out my book on a random, people often ask "What are you doing homework?" and I laugh and say "Naw, just writing".My mother often complains about the numerous pieces of paper and notebooks laying around the house, but no one really understands this passion. Well, maybe a select few in my life and my fellow daydreamers that visit me here. :-)But I write so much because there is so much racing through my brain on a day to day.Often times I feel like I could explode if I don't get it out.I really wish I could share every single piece with everyone, but its so hard to type everything. I try my best though.I will admit I am bit of a tainted individual, but hey, who isn't.Who doesn't have a story behind why they have a deep passion or drive for something?All I know is writing keeps me sane, keeps me balanced, and just keeps me Crystal in the purest form.What is your source of sanity?

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CrisLyric said...

Awwww Sis, thanks for the love and understanding....I'll call you soon

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