The Grammys.

I May Be A Little Late But Hey Better Late Than Never.Fashion Yay's & Nays

Rihanna always kills it .The classic long white with feathers was beautiful & the different color fan dress was creative and simple
Gaga she made the worst dressed list but in my book she is always hot because she finds new ways to shock us each time.Personal style is timeless and you can hear it in her music and in her wardrobe
Keri Hilson dress was simple and classy.Very elegant meramaid dress .i loved the color it was sooo simple glam

Well The Woman Of The Night Had To Be Mrs Carter Herself.In Many ways she stole the show. With her winning 6 grammys and her performance was very hot.However ,it didnt surprise me when they said that dress she wore during her performance had been done before.That made me laugh because ,I ve always felt Beyonce was a big copycat and she's dont it But her acceptance speech was really touching "...including my husband i love you ".That was so sweet I love them as a couple. So Who Wore It Better?

Okay now of course Pink killed it ,with her acrobat performance.Lady Gaga and Elton John ,bought ecentric to an all time new love. Drake,Wayne & Eminem was great and thats all for the performances.

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