If I Were A Boy.

"If I were a boy id listen to her cause i know how it hurts.When you lose the one you wanted,cause he's taking you for granted and everything you have got destroyed"-Beyonce
if i were a boy even just for a day,i'd be the perfect man.loving and appreciate the ones that love me the most.i could understand how it feels to love a woman. with the understanding that as woman we tend to be emotional,i would keep it 100 at all times .because i understand how it feels to be ignored and misled. if i were a boy,id try my best to be monogomous .if i feel the need to cheat i wouldnt hurt her,i would let her go first until i can be mature enough to love her right.if i were a boy ,id listen to her every word.because us as woman only want to be heard sometime.just stimulating conversation can make us fall in love. if i were a boy,i would know that material possessions and sex mean nothing if you can't meet me half way on other levels.i would hold her at night and keep her safe in my arms ,i would give her my support and appreciate every flaw instead of trying to change her. she'd be my better half and we would build each other up,if she is lacking something I would work with her in making herself better. i would be her best friend ,lover,and soul mate. i would want to know what shes thinking ,i would want to take care of her .and if im lacking in any area of our relationship ,i would want to know so i can make myself better for us. i would respect her ,whether its with my friends ,in public,private ,wherever .i want us to learn new things about each other everyday. i would want to be her biggest fan .
if only i were a boy.......

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