In His Zone

After so many bad reviews and criticisms from the public of "Graffiti". Mr. Brown teams up with DJ Drama and released a Gangsta Grillz on Valentines Day.On this album he lyrically redeems himself as he tries to hold on to his title of prince of pop. His lyrics are mostly sexual,no more of the pop blared Graffiti or begging .He is musically moving on as he seduces us with the voice we fell in love with 5 years ago.Hes definately not the 15 year old we met on his self titled album. Im a big fan so anything he releases is great. Singing over latest tracks as,"Say Ahh", "Invented Sex"(where he proclaims he invented head
). Throughout the album he calls himself ,'The Cookie Monster'.My favs are ,'Perfume','Too Freaky','Twitter','Madusa' and so many others.Download NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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