Song Lyric.

"...They Can Say Whatever ,Ima Do Whatever.No Pain Is Forever.Yuuup ,ya know this"-Rihanna(Hard)
No pain is forever ,but it is always memorable.Some things will never take the pain away .Memories last forever,there the only things that never change . Just to remembering the pain and all the drama can make a person feel a certain way. Change is great,but when you change for all the wrong reason ,it sucks .But I thank pain,it has made me a better person.Pain never asked me how I felt about such drastic changes .When pain decided to move on without me,thought we were in this together. So my guard is up again,not believing anything that is spoken. I loved pain for all the reasons pain loved to hurt me. Funny you never realize how much pain can eat away at you .Who am I anymore? Shaina is molding herself again for her .She no longer cares for pain.Pain is a distant memory ,but why do I love pain sooo much . So long pain,this has been a long journey ,but Im leaving you in my rearview and leaving you behind finally.
"...couldnt cry so i decided to laugh.a chuckle wouldnt escape,so I just wrote my tears away.."

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