Will the Real Beyonce Please Stand Up? Class Editorial

Beyonce Knowles is one of the biggest names in music internationally. Her career started off with her group, “Destinys Child” and from there she has gone on to pursue a very successful solo career. With millions of albums sold and sold out concerts all over the world .However, what happens when the biggest name in R&B is questioned in creativity and even originality. In recent years, there have been many allegations of unoriginality and even blatant copyrighting cases.

“..I write my own songs, write my own treatments for my videos, decide what I want to wear, how I want to sound. It’s all me..”,Beyonce told E! Revealed in 2008. This statement would be true if there hadn’t been ghostwriters and other artist she has copied. When “Irreplaceable” was released, it was the biggest woman’s anthem for that time period. The song is about a woman basically telling her ex to leave and no matter what she can never be replaced. She was quoted stating in concert, “I wrote this for my ladies..”. However, in an interview Neyo rebuttals that statement by saying “…I wrote all the lyrics, she helped put all the melodies and harmonies together”.

In 2009, a new artist but definitely not a new ‘pen’ to music Keri Hilson released “Turn Me On”(remix). In the song she sings, “…go on head and tell these folks how I been writing ya songs. I been putting you on, just check the credits ho..”. This verse was rumored to be referring to the verse that she wrote for Beyonce on Ushers “Love In This Club”. However, Beyonce never responded and Keri later denied that the verse was about Beyonce.

In recent years, she has been sued multiple times. Most recently, Abercrombie & Fitch has sued her because of her perfume “Fierce”,stating they already owned the rights to the name. On her second to last LP “BDAY”, she remade a song called “Im Kissing You”. However, the song was written by an artist from the early 90’s named Des'ree, Beyonce never received clearance to remake the song and didn’t give credit. In late 2009, the group “Destiny Child” faced a copyright infringement lawsuit from several ghostwriters. Those writers sued for several songs , such as ”Cater 2 U” and “Bootylicious”. The infringement clearly states that Beyonce’s name went on the copyrights after changing a few lyrics.
As far as videos are concerned, Beyonce has stolen concepts from the likes of Mya, Britney Spears, Ciara, Rihanna, Shakira , Jennifer Lopez etc. These concepts are not just similar, they are very direct .For example, the “Like A Boy” concept that Ciara created in 2006. A black and white video, that shows Ciara dressed as a male dancing and switching roles with a male . In 2008,Beyonce returned with the same exact concept ,but her song was call “If I Were A Boy” and it was a ballad. The video showed Beyonce trading roles with a male in a black and white setting. Though the lyrics were slightly different, the concept was still identical. Not to mention the several videos she copied to make her “BDAY “cd both visual as well as audio. Her “BDAY” LP, featured every song on video and when she returned with “I Am Sasha Fierce.” LP, she came back for Ciara in her “Diva” video from choreography to props.

On the red carpet, Beyonce has always prided herself on her mother being her designer. Though recently, Tina Knowles(her mother) has not been designing all of her costumes and different artist have begin to see a repeat of their premiere designs on the red carpet again. For example, Rihanna ,she is also a huge name in music as well as fashion. Which may be why Beyonce loves her style so much, from her performances ,outfits and “swag”. On the front page there is a photo of Beyonce performing with an outfit that Rihanna did a photo shoot for in 2009. Below there is an exact outfit that Beyonce wore to an event that Rihanna premiered two years prior. However, in the media it does show that the two women are friends with a mutal interest Jay-z .Jay-Z is Rihannas mentor/big brother role and Beyonce is his wife.

I guess Beyonce has the,”If you cant beat em, join em “mindset, which would explain how she and Lady GaGa hooked up. Lady GaGa is pops newest and biggest phenomenon, so it was only right for Beyonce to team up with her on Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster”, for two collabs. What is a better way to keep your name out there without being out there, become friends with the biggest names?

Maybe there is no correlation between Beyonce and other artist and we may be seeing double. Some fans hate to admit that their idol is in fact a copy cat ,but you know the saying ,”Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. With that being said ,the question stands , “Will the real Beyonce please stand up?”.But don’t take my word for it seeing is believing, just type ‘Beyonce The Copycat’ in the YouTube search engine .Not trying to change anyone’s opinions on the artist ,just trying to understand w hat defines real music anymore .Because apparently it’s not creativity.

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