Heart Ain't A Brain

"How Can I Explain This Nonsense To My Heart"-Chris Brown

Unfortunately ,the heart and the brain are never on the same page.It has been said that you can't help who you love and in some cases that is so true .However,there comes a time when you realize that living off of emotion alone can leave you hurt and alone. I believe that us as females make most of our decisions off of how we feel and not what we know . Love is one of those cases where we put our brain on mute most of the time. We see all the signs and we ignore them ,we need to stop that ladies. In relationships we tend to ignore the obvious to make it work .When we know that we are smart enough to know better. Relationships are a full time job in itself and if both parties aren't willing to put in the work then it's not worth the trouble or heartache. In relationships we also tend to get complacent with time.

When I say complacent with time ,I mean we invest so much time in these relationships that we forget what we loved about the person in the first place. For example , alot of females feel like I have his heart and nobody else matters . Well that can be wrong on so many levels,the best thing about a relationship is learning new things about this person everyday. Like small things the face he makes when he's angry ,his favorite movie ,song or even candy. Both parties also need to be on the same page mentally,know things other than sex and going out . Spending quality time alone is the best .You can be in a relationship for 18 years and still not know that person. So basically if you are going to be in a relationship and it is worth it make sure that both of you are on the same page mentally,physically and emotionally. Learn new things everyday ,don't just stay because of the time you've invested because thats where your heart and brain will go to war. Grow mentally with your soul mate,don't expect perfections,accept each others flaws and just love



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