Kayne's Critics


(Stick to the day job, Kanye West by Lisa Armstrong):

People fail to realize the importance of this event. F*ck the fact that he has an enormous ego and he can be a d*ck at times. This man has a huge effect on the pop culture period . He knows his critics are waiting to speak ,f*ck some wack journalist with her miniscule comments. She could not know the type of event this was . She can sit behind her little laptop with her in the box mindset and STFU.I loved his show it represents him . He has been working hard ,been front row at almost every fashion week how dare she say that his line was the "equivalent of Karl Lagerfeld launching a hip hop career i.e. absurd".Miss really and they have the nerve to have her as a columnist for the telegraph.. Mam Have a Seat..

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