Rihanna Got Snubbed This Year!

After her long awaited 8th album . We had to watch those Samsung commercials for months and also hear snippets on Instagram. I think this is her first album where you can tell , she poured her heart and soul into. I've been a fan since day one and I can say that this is the first album of hers that was R&B all the way through. "Kiss It Better" and "Love On The Brain" should have won something on its own. I am really sad that the one album she does her own thing it is not recognized . I feel like she deserved something and she got nothing from the Billboards or the Grammys. It's all about politics with these award shows , whoever they can give an award to so they can perform. In my opinion , sonically I believe that Anti was better than Lemonade. However , when it comes to politics , giving Lemonade an award will allow Beyonce to come to the awards and perform. Now Beyonce was definitely snubbed for that Grammy that Adele won . This doesn't not set a good presidence for future albums . I can say I actually love R&B Rihanna, I was able to see her more vocally than before . 😓 Anti was amazing !

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