Personal Style:Jay-Z

In celebration of the 4:44  release we have to commend Jay on his revolution through music as well as style. From jerseys and durags to suit and ties. He has come a long way and we have followed him through his journey. When he said Jerseys were dead , we stopped wearing them, when he told us Suit and Tie we purchased and when he said "I don't wear skinny jeans cause my knots don't fit" we loosened our jeans .  Jay has always been the Brooklyn D Boy with impeccable taste, even today he brings a certain level of swag to the Billionaire's Club that I'm sure they've never seen before.
No matter what you can always catch him in some Butters(Timbs) or a fresh pair of Jays. Let's take a look back at all of the  stages that Jay has been through ...
(An Article From Complex in 2013 broke down all of his stages in Hip Hop in correlation to his style)

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