Finally ..

I've personally been waiting for "Paranoia" by Dave East and "FC4" by Lil Bibby. Well a couple of days ago,in between posting pictures of him and "Dip It Low" . He posted his released date which is August 18, 2017

 I'm personally excited , unfortunately I jumped on the Dave East train a little late. I didn't start listening to him until his first Breakfast Club interview , however he can rap his ass off and his relationship with his daughter is so cute .

Now that he has his machine of Def Jam behind him , I am looking forward to what he has in store .

Now Bibby released his last official project  Thanksgiving of 2015 FC3 , in which I still believe should have been an album or an EP.  He recently slipped up and revealed he's signed to RCA.  I met him a couple of months ago and he seems really cool. I'm just so glad he has admitted that it is finished now. Even though he has been feeding us Freestyles every couple of weeks I'm looking for forward to FC4 . I don't think he gets his credit in the Chicago like her should but I'm glad he is finished .

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