WCW ; Kelis Rogers

In the social media age , where everything is a click away . If you are too young you may forget about the times where you had to wait for music, announcements, quotes, pictures and fashion shoots of your favorite artists.

I was scrolling the Shaderoom , there was a post about Kelis regarding Nas & Nicki. I clicked it and I saw a lot of people questioning Kelis and her iconic status . I got a little annoyed , if you take a look at my older posts throughout the years you will see that I am a huge Kelis fan. However , I had to tell someone to do their Googles because they said she had one hit. I could tell the person was young and after I gathered them they blocked me . However , I just wanted to briefly remind people why she has always been an iconic figure. She has influence a lot of the styles of our favorite artists  because she was never afraid to push the limit in music or style. Before it was the Cassie cut , Kelis shaved her head and wrote designs in them. It bothers me that she doesn't get the credit however here are a couple reminders ✌🏾 

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