It’s Ugly Until Rihanna Wears It ..

When it comes to style and fashion , Rihanna’s name will always be in the conversation . Her style has transformed her into a fashion powerhouse , even with her own clothing line through Puma. She has popularized street fashion and brought it to the hip hop culture . 

Street and eclectic fashion  has always been famous in places like New York and Tokyo. In 2008 , a  website called LookBook.Nu launched where the fashion community could go and embrace fashion all around the world .  Getting it’s inspiration from street fashion website The Satorialist , it allowed people to share their looks through social media . 

Rihanna has always had a unique style following her third album Good Girl Gone Bad . However , today she is the go to for different street fashion looks . And the phrase is true “It’s Ugly Until Rihanna decides it’s not”. She can easily wear a look straight from the runway that no one would ever wear and make it look great. Sometimes mixing labels , she is my LookBook. Nu , she can wear anything . 

Let’s take a look at Rihanna’s Street Fashion.. 

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