Kylie , I See What You’re Doing Sis...

As it has been announced over the last couple of weeks Fenty Beauty earned over $72 Million since it’s introduction to the world . I discussed her line launching a couple of months ago.
She was getting praised by all the beauty lines and her celebrity peers . Her reviews for her products were all consistent , I haven’t heard a bad review yet . However , if you can’t beat em join them. Rihanna’s line embraced black women by putting them in her ads and released over 40 shades of browns that fit our complexions. It is so hard to find a brand that fits your particular complexion because our skin is different (that’s another blog).

I mentioned Kim Kardashian’s line and how she got it WRONG! 

I had a feeling Kylie had something up her sleeve though. She announced her new concealer shades and I guess they are supposed to appeal to black women, NOT! 

Why on earth would a black woman buy a concealer from a girl that was so insecure that she went to a surgeon to get black women features. An entire family who love black men but can’t stand up for black issues. We are all of a sudden supposed to forget these things and purchase dark colors from your line , when all of your other products have been below subpar.

 You saw this black woman coming into a market that you have been making money in and felt threatened . I’m sure you just put in a call for these shades and don’t care about the impact that Fenty Beauty has made . Have you even congratulated her ? No you studied her formula and stole her idea , like your family steals everything . I will be extremely disappointed if black women support this trash!! 

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