They Are Doing Prince So Wrong..

By now I’m sure everyone has seen the catastrophe known as the Super Bowl Halftime Show. However , there are still lingering feelings from Prince fans. Personally , I was not a huge Prince fan but I loved his ideologies about capitalism in the music industry.

I feel like whoever is in charge of his estate really hates him . Prince was a very private person and in his death we now know too much of this mans business that he kept from us in his 57 years of life.

Prince was totally against any type of holograms or performances after death.  He was totally disturbed with virtual reality period. The man didn’t even have a cell phone for goodness sake.

So for this man to have this moment where Prince is singing with him shows that he was not a fan and did this for his own selfish reasons. I wish that Sheila E. was in charge of his estate because in his death she totally wants his legacy to remain the way he would have wanted it. 

 His family is acting like money hungry animals , which a lot of families do in their demise when money is concerned . Honestly , the only family I haven’t seen  disrespect their legacy is the Jackson family. 

I hope Prince is haunting his family at this present moment. On top of it all , Prince wasn’t fond of tributes of himself period unless he performed . Case and point in 2010, when BET allowed Trey Songz to perform “Purple Rain” 👇🏾

However , they did an amazing job when he passed . I have to commend that moment , especially with Sheila E.

Justin Timberlake was dead wrong for this performance and he knows it. First of all , Prince didn’t even like him and Justin even dissed him in a song. I feel like , keep the same energy you had when I was alive . But the Super Bowl allowed this man to do a tribute because they don’t care about Prince . They just care about clicks..

(Let’s keep in mind Sinbad is a clean comedian)

But anywho, Justin doesn’t even have the vocal capability to perform a Prince song in his life . However , that’s where the cultural appropriation comes in where we’ve created a genre and they steal it and make more money off of it than us.. (that’s for another day as well)

But to Sinbads point , Justin has shaded Prince more than once and of all people to shade. Prince is not the damn one! How do you shade a person that when asked how many instruments they play , they say All Of Them. So honestly whoever approved of this tribute didn’t do their homework at all . Since his sister mentioned wanting to bring him back in a hologram , my first guest is it was her..

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