Celebrity Couple Goals

Since the release of Lemonade and 4:44, I have learned not to look up to celebrity couples with admiration. Everyone is human and everyone goes through stuff. Beyonce and Jay Z were it for me , I used them as the prototype to what a relationship looks like . 

The work ‘look’ is very important . I also was a big fan of Chris Brown and Karrueche and we all saw how that ship sank. I think social media has made it so easy to invest our time into these images that are created through an app. When you turn your phone off, these people actually go back to their real life. For example , the drama with NBA Youngboy and his girlfriend  , that is real life . Couples go through the drama, but most keep it out of the public eye. We can’t hold these people to a standard or put them on a pedestal because they are also human .

These people give a us a glimpse of their ‘perfect’ world and were are screaming goals . We have to create our own goals and stop living vicariously through others , then getting disappointed when things aren’t perfect. We have to log out and  work on ourselves rather than trying to measure up to a fantasy.

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