Who Wore It Better? Gucci Fall 2018 Sweatshirt

Earlier this year for Coachella , Rihanna seemed to have walk straight off of the runways in Gucci fall collection. (Coachella 2018 Post)However , Marjorie Harvey has stepped into the ring to turn heads as well. Who wore it better ?

I love the way Marjorie simplified the look by adding lingerie and a nice snake skin mule. As you can see snake print looks good with this sweatshirt both ways . She finishes it off with a hat🤔I do like the aesthetic however, the suede hat threw me off. I do like both looks but I’m sorry Rihanna stepped off of the runway with the entire look. So Marge gets an E for effort. I wish she would have done another color bottom, Black is too safe with this outfit. I would have done maybe a dark teal or a hot pink.. 

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