The Diamond Ball 2018πŸ’Ž

With events like these I always pay close attention to what people are wearing . The Diamond Ball is just that a ball . Now it does turn into a huge party however,the fashions are one of the most important parts of the evening.

Above are my least favorite outfits of the night . 

Tiffany Haddish - The long sleeve sequin and bang bob reminds me of that Busta Rhymes video with Janet in all purple. This was the night to see her dress elegantly outside of that dress she kept wearing , she missed the mark. She looks like she’s going to the club.

Justine Skye- She looks like she is going to a day party. That is a summer dress and we are going into fall, she should have left it on the clearance rack of Forever 21..

LaLa- This looks like a prom dress from Shingar in 2003, no accessories or anything .. 

Teyana Taylor- I love her however , I would love to see her in a couture ball gown. Similar to how Cardi did it last year. She always misses the mark at the moment she is supposed to be grand. Your album finally came out this year and you headlining your own tour. She is always dressed so masculine,this was a fail..

This year metallic, feathers and fringes were in high demand . The men did mostly all black in different varieties . I love Nipseys look, we never get to see him in formal wear and he did this look correctly. I love how YG keeps with character and does not wear a top. The men’s suits were tailored correctly , even though Gambino went a different route it still looked good on him..  These were my favorite looks of the night , however Nipsey did not come to play with anyone. 

Last but not least the Queen herself.. Robyn. She can do no wrong period , she looked gorgeous ..My advise to anyone who missed the mark study Ms. Fenty and she will lead you on the right pathπŸ˜€

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