How It Was Supposed To Be...

“(11 years) you know we had a bond no ring , no paper..”(Fabolous-Last Time)

Unfortunately , marriage is not in the cards for everyone and that is the truth. However , I am completely judging this situation from the outside looking in and interview direct quotes. In 2007, Cassie became one of the spokesmodels for Sean Jean as well as releasing music under the Bad Boy imprint with the help of her then boyfriend Ryan Leslie. Out of no where we started seeing Diddy and Cassie out more , him showing her off as his protege , even though Ryan .. nevermind . Cassie releases “Official Girl”, which everyone knew was about Diddy and how he wouldn’t claim her . In the meantime , Diddy was back and forth with his 3 children’s mother  Kim Porter. They finally called it quits in 2009 , he didn’t want to get married.

 Ryan Leslie’s next projects, you can tell were subliminally about Cassie . Especially the song “Never Going To Break Up”on his 2009 project Transition. After speculation , Cassie and Diddy finally came out as a couple in 2012 at a Kanye West fashion show. In many interviews , Ryan speaks on the heart break and how he never heard from Cassie again.

Throughout the years , there have been several rumors of them being on and off . Her music career came to a halt , as we saw her modeling and being flaunted as a bear- I mean girlfriend . She finally released a mixtape under Bad Boy records called “Rockabye Baby”. In the meantime , Diddy spent family holiday vacations with Kim and the kids while Cassie waited her turn.

In a recent interview as of 2017 , Diddy finally admitted that Kim and Cassie did not get along but he recently made them patch it up. She has also said in interviews that she doesn’t talk about her personal life. I mean I wouldn’t either if it was in a sham like yours .  How embarrassing is it that your boyfriend of years , refuses to marry you and also hangs with his baby mother on vacations. While you are being portrayed as a beard because your lover has been rumored to like men. 

(They sparked engagement rumors in 2014 as she spotted a huge rock, however Diddy’s Rep denied claims)

As I step back and look at their relationship , I hope she got more than jewels , cars and clothes. I’ve heard several times that she’s tried to break up with him and the police were called . After so many years , we show a man how to treat us and I’m not saying she wanted a ring. But what I am saying is she traded a man that loved her with everything and gave her a start for being arm candy . Now I will say this , I would definitely be arm candy but not at the exspense of my self respect and heart. 

For a man to continue to say he doesn’t want to get married and be seen galavanting with his baby momma that doesn’t like you is telling . Everyone should have respected you as his woman from jump. That is something we have to teach ourselves. But when money is concerned a lot of people turn the blind eye. Now you are in your 30’s with no kids or ring and pretty much have to start over. And maybe she didn’t want either but I guess she’ll never know how it was supposed to be , being truly appreciated by a man who loved and respected her .. Ryan is probably laughing his ass off because karma is real.. 

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Well I was clearly under a rock I didn’t know half the ☕️ here. 🤣🤣

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