Happy Birthday Hova!

My favorite rapper, business man , billionaire is from Marcy Projects.. His career has been phenomenal and he is a representation that no matter what you come from , you can be whatever you want.

My favorite songs by Jay are “Soon You’ll Understand”,  “You Must Love Me”, “Lucky Me” & my favorite album is BluePrint 2...

His best verse(call me a band wagoner 🤷🏽‍♀️), it’s between “What’s Free?”, “3 Kings” and “Drug DealerAnonymous” 

My favorite freestyle is “Dear Summer”. 

My favorite quotables;

“That’s My Bitch” verse, “Allure”, “Rehab” remix, “Gotta Have It”

I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased these more than 3 times a piece. They keep coming up missing ... 

We Thank You, this should be a national holiday ..

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