A$ap Rocky for GQ while on Tour

GQ: You’ve been on tour for two weeks now. Did tonight feel different for you? What's your energy like right now?
A$AP Rocky: I gained it from the crowd, bro. It's really not a cliché, it's true. You really can gain or possess or kind of borrow or take energy from other people. Obviously energy is like particles and people take it for granted and shit like that. You can't see the molecules, atoms and protons, neutrons and all that shit, you can't see it right now. But it exists, right? And essentially, we're all made up of this energy that's just compressed all together, right? I swear to God, if it wasn't for that crowd and if it wasn't for them being lit, I would've sucked tonight. [Laughs.] That's it.

Tell me about the concept of “Injured Generation.”
Injured Generation is a metaphor. It pertains to physically injured motherfuckers and emotionally injured people, which is our generation.

Are there people that you've met over the years who are injured who helped bring you to touring around this idea?
Yeah, it was inspired by me feeling emotionally discouraged after I put out my album and I felt like the masses didn't get it at the start. I kind of forgot that's the same thing that happened with my album prior: I put it out, people fucked with it, and then throughout time people are, "Oh my god, this is a masterpiece." And I guess initially, I was like, Man, did my crowd, did my cult following forget how to mosh? How to slam dance, how to fucking crowd surf, how to go all out? I mean obviously I'm the pretty motherfucker but for real, I like to go crazy in a mosh, that's what I came here for! As soon as I got here, I went straight to the mosh pit, I didn't even come in this dressing room.

But I met one kid on tour who lost his legs after a rave that I threw.

You did a video with him, right? He passed out on the subway?
Because he was so fucked up.

How did you get in touch with him? Did he reach out to you?
He wasn't trying to sue nobody or nothing, he just wrote about it and Hadji Films showed me, he was like, "Yo, look at this kid, he was at our rave," and reached out and just made it happen. His story inspired it, it was more of an example, and we donated to his GoFundMe, and on top of that, we’re doing a charity event to give away the cars [three vintage BMWs and Mercedes suspended above the Barclays stage], and donating the proceeds to him and two other injured people.

So do you have tips for moshing safely?
Yes. If you wanna mosh safely, leave your panties at home.

Do you have a pre show ritual that you do every time?

Most of the time we pray. I pray with the gang. Sometimes like I need to go to the side and use my asthma pump and get some water and shit, some chapstick but other than that I don’t need nothing but the crowd's energy.

What have you tried to level up on this tour compared to last tours?
I'm extra dialed-in. I'm not a control freak but I'm adamant about executing what we render or what we design or mock up on the computer and whatnot like that. So I just need to see it executed the same way in reality. I haven't done an A$AP Rocky tour in three years. And I wanna see how my generation reacts to it, and when I come out, you don't know how they're gonna react, and that energy ... like I'm selling out arenas and shit bro, and it just makes me so happy. For real, bro. Eight years, man. You know what I'm saying?

I hear you're sober so far in 2019—how's that been going?
It’s been 18 days. I'm sober right now, my head is on straight, man, I'm happy to be here, I'm high off life, bro. I'm also trying to cut out all the sugars and shit. When I turned 30, my metabolism sloooowed way down. And on top of that, the weed was just having me fucked up bro, honestly. But Imma get back on it. You gotta focus for a minute. [Raps] Sometimes I even stop the smoking when it's time to focus.

Do you see yourself trying to keep sobriety going for a while?
A year. 2019.

Do you wonder whether that will affect your creativity at all?
Nah. It's totally separate. I feel like people cope or use drugs as a vice. That's they own demons and shit like that, but I would say if you gotta depend on it, that means that you're not really talented to begin with. When you really on your journalism shit, I'm quite sure you probably popped an Adderall before but I don't think you depend on that shit, do you?

Exactly! I did it for very selfish reasons, I'm not gonna lie. For me. Just to really focus, honestly just to focus. The Backwoods is not good for me. I felt like I was addicted to that shit and I just needed to try something new. I'm a Libra, man. Honestly, I'm impulsive so who knows, in eight months I might be like, Alright, this shit is stressing me out! But I'm good. To kids who do drugs, man, do them safely, bro.

What have you been up to after the shows? If you're not drinking, are you just chilling out instead of partying?

Foursomes, fivesomes, moresomes. All womens.

Which city has had the best orgy so far?

Tell me about your new track “Babushka.”
It was inspired by a situation I had where my face got cut, and I started walking around with a Babushka to cover it. It was about last September. It started with a yellow one when I was on Trevor Noah's show. I actually did a Vogue shoot the day after I got my face slashed.

How'd you get it slashed?
It's like the Joker, I got stories for each individual who asks. You wanna know? You really wanna know?

Yeah, I really wanna know.
I was riding a Razor scooter, I did a pop up wheelie and just ate shit and I just had a fucking big gash on my face. Had to get plastic surgery and here we are.

Can we get a fact check on this?
[Joker voice] Why so serious? Honestly, it was inspired by Alfalfa—you ever see the Little Rascals, when he pretended to have a toothache? I kind of wanted to make it look like that. Basically on some shit so in case Trevor Noah asked me, I was just gonna be like, “I have a toothache”

Did he not ask?
Nah, he acted like it wasn't even there, it was just an elephant in the room.

Are you sort of sad on some level to be missing fashion week for the tour?

Fuck no. I'm always allocating my times to fucking fashion. Look at me now, Needles x AWGE [Rocky’s creative agency] collaboration that's not even out yet. Fucking Yams V-Lone tee. Fucking Cactus Plant. Fuck that.

Tell me about the custom Prada gear you're wearing on tour. Why'd you pick Prada of all your brands?
Because I love Prada. I'm a Prada boy. Everybody only knows about my love for Dior, my love for Loewe, my love for JW Anderson, my love for Raf, for Rick Owens, for Gucci, for Louis, but they don't know—I'm really a Prada boy. Everything that I do just gets oversaturated as we know, right? That's the gift and the curse. And I just figured I should just flex that shit lowkey. So I wear hard bottom Prada shoes with no logo, no monogram so you don't know. I wear shit here and there, but I just keep it lowkey, I love Prada, they’re my favorite brand.

So what did you develop, was it a full wardrobe custom?
Yes. Everything. I have a different outfit for every night, and some of them I wanna repeat, so it’s kind of fucked up.

How are you choosing which one to wear before each show?
I have my assistant line up all my clothes and I pick out a fit.

Tell me about the nylon pants with the flames.
I thought of that! They need to sell those, right? So the whole tour was designed by this guy—you know the guy who does Hi Mum I’m Dead? Pauly, from Australia? He did our V-Lone stuff, he works with AWGE internally, does a lot of installations. He was with Ksubi and he did all the cool Ksubi shit and made it lit. He would do custom Ksubi for me and Rihanna back in the day all that I've known him since like 2012. And basically, Pauly, around 2016, he would make these flame, then Vans made Flames and all that shit, whatever the case is but it was really to imitate that. [Prada] did the best they could and I love it.

And Imma just say it, fuck it, I'm about to pop off Jeremy Scott and make that popping, all his old shit. I’m talking bout like a lot of his Adidas collaboration shit like from '08, '09, 10 years ago, '07, flex up, you feel me?

Are you talking the high tops with the wings on them?
I don't know, the wings is too famous. It's too famous, I can't get jiggy with that. Those are archived at the moment. I'm gonna pop off like the cheetah print shit, you know what I mean? All that like the cheetah prints and the rhinestone shit that he did, the shirt with the crucifix.

What do you think of your guy Raf [Simons] leaving Calvin [Klein]?
I was sad. But he's still gon’ do Raf obviously.

Did you see the [Raf] show yesterday?
No, but one of my boys was like, “Man, he had too many trench coats.”

There were truly a lot of coats.
And I love coats! I'm trench coat mobbing, so I'm all for it, you know what I'm saying? Shout out to my big homie, that's my dad, that’s my father aside from my other father in heaven. Raf is my dad. Hi, Dad, I hope you're reading this, I love you.

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