Music Crush Monday: J. Cole's New Single "Middle Child"

Revenge of The Dreamers II was released on December 8, 2015, it was the first compilation from Dreamville Records . On that album we were introduced to several Dreamville Record artists , such as Bas, Cozz, Imen, Lute and Ari Lennox. Pitchfork gave the compilation a 6.2 out of 10 saying "Fumbled legacy-building though it is, Dreamers is not without its bright spots. The tape introduces the label's two newest signees: the Washington, D.C.-bred singer Ari Lennox and lute, a rapper from Charlotte who joins Cole in representing North Carolina. Each artist contributes one song here, both of which are among the best on the tape; lute's Dilla-cribbing "Still Slummin" in particular is superb, throwing you immediately into his world and dispensing plaintive, delightfully un-cinematic notes.

Well two weeks ago invitations to Atlanta, GA went out to several artists to join the listening and recording session. Artist such as Young MA, Guapdad 4000, Tay , Curren$y,Ski Mask the Slump God, Wale  etc. (I would like to also add that he posted a video with Drake in a Wraith, pretty fancy for the humblest rich man I've ever seen..)
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We have seen several pictures from the sessions, however we haven't really heard much about them ..

Well now , two weeks later . He's wiped his Instagram clean and posted cryptic messages

Which is interesting because Joe Budden has been criticizing his musical process for some time and apparently he listens to the podcast... because everything they've critique  it seems he is going in a different direction. 

“My problem with Cole isn’t talent. It isn’t accomplishments, accolades…any of that. It’s presence,” says Budden. “That’s the difference. It’s Cole, Drake, Kendrick. That’s the end of that list for me. Presence is what keeps me from viewing Cole the way that the other two are viewed because, purposefully, it just feels like he’s not attempting to be out there. It’s like he does everything to be low, until he wants you to feel his presence on the sh*t that matters, like when he talks to the kids who are on drugs, but that’s hurting [him] because Hip-Hop is a braggadocious, competitive, kill or get killed type of business. So, when you seemingly are doing everything in your power to appear to not be as powerful of a presence as you are, it comes off a way"-Joe Budden(December 23,2018 episode of "The Joe Budden Podcast")

For one , inviting producers like Tay Keith to the sessions, when he normally produces his own music.. On January 21, 2019 this was posted and everyone should be afraid..

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