When Will Black Women Learn?..

The hypocrisy and privilege of this family to have the audacity . To the Kardashian’s , black women are accessories to discard once we have been drained of our culture . 

In the latest scandal of Jordyn and Tristian , I find it mighty funny how no one in the family has come for Tristian . He was the one in the relationship with Khloe . He was cheating on his last child’s mother while she was 6 months pregnant . Khloe didn’t care , she snagged him at Kevin Hart’s wedding and was just happy to be there . He’s been cheating since he’s been with her and she’s been silent . However , even though I think this is all a scheme to watch their show. It’s funny that they chose the black girl to sacrifice , as if they haven’t sacrificed enough of their black friends. 

The reason that they treat black women this way is because they are jealous of our culture .They would love to be cool and they love our natural shapes. As you see they go to the surgeon and get sliced and diced to look like us but don’t respect us . Have you ever heard any of these hoes speak up about black issues even though they have half black kids? No , ok thought not

I didn’t see any of this energy when Kim and Chyna were cool , then Kylie swiped her fiancé . For the record they even attended Kim and Kanye’s wedding .

I’m sure the whole family knew then what was going on but no one spoke up. They don’t care about their black friends, they exploit them and use them. They had the nerve to cut Chyna off and call her an enemy. But they didn’t know who they were dealing with , Chyna was a professional stripper and hustler from DC. They had the right one and even though I think it far surpasses petty. Having a daughter with their fat brother who they left in a back room to rot was the finesse of the last 5 years tops.

They forget that after all these years of resentment , that he would turn on them and he did. Well anyway back to the story if this scandal is real at this point they are bullying Jordyn. Let’s be real Tristian wanted out a long time ago, Khloe got her black baby and she’s good as well. Don’t try to warrant sympathy from women who have really been cheated on and left. *Cough* Chyna and Trina *Cough*.

The Kardashian’s are infamous for doing this , have you ever wondered who their white friends are because they don’t exploit them. They don’t walk around with them like a carry on Prada bag, they protect them. Look at Lara Pippen, when she was messing with Future who also happen to be one of Kim’s friend Ciara baby’s father. 🤔 Kim was standing by her side supporting her , posting pictures and everything . But she kicked poor Chyna to the curb and called her an enemy. 

This may not be known but Khloe and Lauren London were friends as well, she was even in Khloes wedding . Khloe started sleeping with Trey Songz about two years ago. Even though  Khloe was just low hanging fruit and I’m sure meant nothing to Trey ,there is still girl code. Even after this little exchange , they were seen hanging out all over LA.  Lauren and Trey were together for 4 years and even though she’s in a relationship now.It still doesn’t change the fact that Khloe knew they were together . These hoes are sneaky and conniving . So if Jordyn pulled a Kardashian move, Kudos ! 

I don’t feel sorry for any of these chicks period . When will black women learn that they are not to be trusted. Tristian got his out , he escaped the sunken place unscathed . Somebody has to save Kanye , because it’s going to be 100 times worse for him. I would say someone save Travis but I think it is crazy what he did to Justine . These women don’t care about us at all and the faster people learn the better . Y’all gotta stop supporting the fuckery. Chyna has had a cosmetic line since 2014, but as soon Kylie released one y’all ran to buy it . Allowing her to call herself a “SelfMade Billionaire” , after stealing several ideas from young black entrepreneurs. Making the white brand look more glamourous even if it’s a carbon copy of what we have already created. But hey what do I know ? 

F*ck it all of this is OJ fault !

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