I Know What I Said About Dad Sneakers... But

So this Spring we will see an influx of chunky sneakers. A lot of brands have dug back in the archives to re release these sneakers, you know the ones that used to be in the JCPenney catalog that no one bought. Well they are coming back for the season. I saw the trend coming back in an NBA Youngboy video , where he wore the Nike Tekno and based on the many shots they got of his feel the boy deserves an endorsement. There were several sneaker message boards asking about the shoe and other shoes he wears in his videos .  

However , like I was saying even high end brands are jumping on the trend . Margeila has a couple pair but these are the more popular ones .

I was even surprised to see Calvin Klein jump on it . They are currently retailed at $695. 

I got a pair that were on the lower end of the pricing scale. Lol

I have to break them in , however they are cute the pictures does the shoe no justice. I will also be purchasing some Reeboks as well , they have an assortment of colors. 

These were definitely the type of tennis shoes we wore with out swish swish sweatsuits. So yes I have changed my mind about this style of sneaker , they aren’t as chunky as those Gucci ones and they are familiar . I already ordered the ones at the bottom right.. 😂

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