Let’s Call A Spade A Spade♠️

Society likes to catagorize women based on their behavior in the world of promiscuity. However , only a certain type of girl. The dainty , quiet , pretty girls who are well connected and respected never get called names like “hoe”. But we like to automatically call the women that may have started out in certain careers or upbringing these names .

For example , Blac Chyna was a stripper and started a family with rapper Tyga. She was with him for 4 years and kept a low profile . However , since she is single it seems she does date a lot of industry men or being seen with them(contract relationships). We call her a hoe because of the industry she has come up in. Same for Amber Rose even though she was married and has only publicly dated about 4 or 5 industry men. But because she was a stripper ,she is a slut , hoe and everything . Even though she has since embraced the name and created her own “Slut Walk” , let’s understand why people call her that in the first place.

Now let’s meet Lori Harvey , honestly the only thing we really have ever known about her is that Steve Harvey married her mother and changed all her kids names to Harvey. I’ve heard rumors that her mother married two cousins , had kids by both and sent them to jail. So let’s talk about the apple not falling far from the tree. Okay , I also know that her siblings are her cousins as well allegedly . Let’s fast forward to June 2017, her then boyfriend soccer player Memphis Depuy proposed to her. It is reported she stopped wearing her engagement ring around February 2018. Fast forward to December 19, 2018, she is spotted out with Trey Songz ducking down in the car in which was kinda too late. From those pictures , we found out about her roster , Future and Justin Combs who she’s also been spotted with came out . Meek Mill had just gave her a shot out on his song and the conversation started .

These two had actually been dating for quite sometime, this was 46 weeks before they were spotted out. Let’s do the calculations 😀

She was dragged by the Beehive last month , for smiling and seemingly flirting with Jay Z. They are probably still in her comment section right now.. 

Recently , she’s been linked to Lewis Hamilton who sent her flowers on Valentine’s Day. Over the weekend she was spotted with Diddy , yes Diddy her ex boyfriends father . Even though she wrote such a heartfelt post about Kim Porter when she died smh

So are we still looking at her as living her best life and playing these men like they play us? Of course we are because she isn’t seen as promiscuous due to the fact her father is Steve Harvey. Trust me that’s a whole other blog post because he is trash, but anyway we have to start calling a spade a spade . Call it out how you see it , if we are going to judge one set of women we have to keep the same energy . 

All of these women are beautiful but we don’t look at one the way we do the other because of their foundation in the culture . One has was raised in privilege and money, while the others were raised in poverty and found a way to make it with what they thought they had to do. One is a slut because she’s been surgically ultered , seen with several rappers and has a less than proper attitude . However if the other is doing the same thing , keep the same energy because a Hoe is a Hoe period. Lori is called a “Serial Dater”, yes in the same industry with men that are friends. Sis you can’t think like a woman and act like a man, this is not a book.. 

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