Personal Style: Jhene Aiko

I’m not sure what the difference is between the earthy Jhene and the “I have a couple dollars and you are going to see it” Jhene. The only thing I notice that is different is her relationship with Big Sean. It seems since they became a couple she’s been very style-forward. Even wearing more labels . The Jhene we met before wore long peasant skirts and straw sandals, pretty must she dressed like a hippy. 

These days you can tell that she is spending more money on her clothing .  I started to notice when she tagged a store for the shirt she purchased . I wanted it so I went to the website and the shirt was $565, needless to say I was  flabberglasted because I’ve never known Jhene to shop high end...Well maybe not Nay Nay before Sean but post Sean Nay Nay is different .

Jhene seems like she even hired a stylist , because she has been expressing herself more through her clothing.Before when she would throw up her hood , I said aww look at her now I’m like oh she Hood Hood. Donning labels such as Gucci , Balenciaga , Louis Vuitton and Versace. Her style is more edgy and in your face vesrsus her hippy look. She is letting it be known I have a bag and I’m matching my mans swag, even her float skirts are Gucci now . 

I personally love it. Whatever made her change her image I am so here for it . It’s like she’s getting to know a new side of life ..

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