In My Feelings, Thanx Alot Jhene and Ari

We finally got the full song to the snippet she hasbeen previewing   for months.

 The prequel to finding out exactly what Sean did to her ,just kidding but I love Jhene. I’ve championed her even when she was just a feature on Pandamonium. This song made me want to contact my ex and go off . However , I will not at all. We know every time she comes it’s going to be deep . In the song she goes through about 4 emotions , Triggered , horny, premeditated murder and wanting to heal .She has been talking about putting out an album full of freestyles and I am here for it .  In the video , she’s standing on a mountain as she vents to no one in particular about her feelings and how they change. She even threatens him “Might fuck around and go crazy on cuz (she’s a Crip affiliate). Might fuck around, have to pay me in blood”. If I was Sean , I would be scared. Her pen is amazing and I want the tea.. 
Check out the video below..

Now Ari Lennox is a Dreamville artist , the first lady of Dreamville might I add.

Please check out the album . All I will say is her personality shines through her music . She expresses what we all are thinking but won’t actually say . She did all of the interludes and based on her Instagram lives , I get it . I began listening to her from her EP Pho, she’s done a couple features with her labelmates. However , this album is a complete body of neosoul vs. these are my f*cking thoughts . My favorites are 1-12, they take you through several stages . However, I will highlight a couple for you. “Chicago Boy”, is about meeting a new guy and having thoughts about  sleeping with him on the first night . “ Speak To Me”, trying to understand why he is being nice and getting close , what are his motives with her. I  will say that “I Been” was played at least 10times before I explored the other songs more. When she said she told the dude relax, I wanted to put it on a T Shirt .  “Whipped Cream”, takes you through the I’m over him and I have to stick to this , but I still cry at night stage. “Static” , gives you the I’ve realized you are the one for me no matter how much the outside may try to fogg my opinion . We’ve all been there when all of your friends have an opinion and your just like I love him.. Watch her new video “Up All Night” , Instagram live with J Cole and “Waste Of Time” podcast to get a better picture of who Ari Lennox is ..

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