Let It Go Sis! Damn..

At this point I am convinced that Future is Ciara’s storyline for record sales . Even after being married with a new baby , I’m convinced she feels like they have unfinished business . Before y’all broke up , he was your very best friend and you couldn’t imagine like with out him. Etc.

However , it was stated that he cheated on you and then after that it was a wrap.. I don’t know exactly what happened but I do know you had 3 examples of how this might not work..and you even got “matching dreads”Kid Fury Voice(The Read “The Upheaval” episode )

You and Brittni even went back and forth on Twitter. 

So you looked at this situation and said I will be different , I am Ciara . No . Everyone was literally looking at you like “What are you doing ?”. However , what people don’t realize is the innocent role isn’t you.. Which brings me to recently . When you started dating Russell , you couldn’t wait to have the paparazzi get these pictures of you , him and baby Future when y’all first started dating . 

This was the beginning of making Future look like a deadbeat. Like he isn’t selling out shows across the country.. Future states he never met Russell or anything before he was seen pushing his son around . He was very vocal in his 2015 Breakfast Club interview. 

Yes , Future has made a few songs with no names that everyone suspected was about Ciara but how could they even tell Future loves women. He has been going back and forth with his child’s mother Brittni Mealy for years after him and Ciara broke up. Anyway , I started really noticing the bitterness during the Billboard announcing when she refused to say Futures name.

Sis , you named your son Future for goodness sake . Ok so fast forward . We are in a social media age so everything is laughs and jokes. Instagram made it a thing to support Ciara and Russell and bash Future . However , once these pictures came out everyone dragged Ciara.. 

This picture was so inappropriate to say the least . Like yes , that is his daughter on the way but Future isn’t his son. I feel like they both let the internet control the way they appeared as a family , this just wasn’t ok. I honestly feel like Ciara feels robbed that she wasn’t able to give her son that perfect family picture . So she took Future out of her picture and added Russell .
And because the internet encouraged the level up Ciara and dragging of Future she ran with it. Even going so far as begging for her prayer that she said to ask God for Russell..smh

However , the thing about it is Future never sugarcoated who he was , whether in his music or interviews . He has always said he was a trap nigga from the heart, however since it didn’t work out you are assisting the world tear down someone you once called your “best friend”.  The good girl gets hurt by a frog and meets a prince only works in fairytales , this is real life sis . I don’t see her ever taking accountability , she stays quiet . And yes I will admit , Future has taken shots but it has been about how she is trying to control the relationship between him and their son. Every other month there is a headline about how she’s taking him to court for an altering in vistation. 

I personally feel like she never got over whatever Future did to her and she is taking it out on him by way of parenting . So now we have an interview of her talking  about the pain of that relationship in 2019 , when they broke up in 2014. What she fails to understand is no one cares about your music period . They just can relate to a dude doing them wrong and finding a “better man” , even if Russell was trash Ciara would never tell you. She wants this storyline to work in her favor as the princess who found her prince. So they will seem like beautiful family and smile in pictures , but sis tell me why 5 years later you are still talking about the hurt like you are still living in it. 

Truth is  , Ciara wanted to be married with the white Pickett fence and everything . She didn’t care who it was I feel like she would have married anyone that would give her that . Just to keep her perfect image , the “we didn’t have sex before marriage” rebrand was cute but sis your daughter .. you know what never mind .  She will continue to drag Future to make Russell look great , but if he was all that great you wouldn’t even think of Future and refuse to answer those questions..

Your album sold 10k it’s first week , you have bigger issues sis..you should ask him for some help because he hasn’t had any problems . I’ll let Twitter do the honors ✌🏾

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