Welcome Home NBA Youngboy!!

After serving a total of 90 days , Youngboy has been released. Being arrested for being around fire arms while on probabtion , in a shooting that resulted in a female companion to be shot and injured . His bodyguard returned fire to the rap entourage that were seen shooting at the rappers vehicle. Luckily , the rapper was able to perform at The Rolling Loud festival later that evening . However , was brought in for questioning about shooting and taken into custody..

He was also given 14 months on house arrest and is unable to perform or post on social media. Meanwhile, during his probation he has earned his GED, feeds the homeless often , giving  back to the community with his many back to school and Easter drives,talking to students at schools . He is very interactive with his fans often times giving them the clothes off of his back and money .Even during his Sneaker Shopping episode with Complex he bought a fan some rare sneakers . 

He is a very active figure in his Baton Rouge community , even still having his 4th Annual Back To School Drive in his absence . However , no one really talks about the positive , at the age of 19 he is a very active father of 4, he’s made sure all of them are in his videos and on stage with him to keep him focused.

Hopefully , this time away from his kids and family will give him a different perspective. He is extremely talented and we need young artists out here like him .. Welcome Home! 

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