What Does Push Have Up His Sleeves?

It has been a year and almost three months since “The Story of Adidon”was released. The Drake beef has subsided and we are barely discussing the loss of the 6 God, however there have been subtle shots from Drake on features and even his “Scorpion” album. He’s done playing victim and J. Prince is off of his book tour , calling off the beef in interviews . 

Now the dust has settled , Ross thought it would be a great idea to put Wayne and Pusha on a song together. He stated it was time and we were waiting at the edge of our seats . Now I and all of my fellow hip hop lovers were wondering how this would work because if you haven’t heard the beef runs deep(refer to MCM :Drake Vs Pusha blog post). Pusha posts this encrypted tweet and we are all scratching our heads.

Ross’s album day we skip straight to the track with no one listed as a feature. We hear Wayne’s verse but there is no Pusha, which brings us back to the encrypted tweet. In Ross interviews , he back peddles saying it wasn’t the right time AKA Wayne told him “delete all that sh*t..”. Even though both parties signed on , I’m not sure Wayne was here on earth with us when we got the new Pusha would be on the song as well. So I’m sure he was mad as hell when he found out a month after everyone..Anyway his verse was trash and not memorable at all. The missing Pusha verse became more trending than the album(link below👀)

Fast forward to now , Joe Budden called Pusha T while he partied with his wife for her birthday. They discussed the verse and in so many words Pusha told us Wayne asked for him to be removed. There have been rumblings of his album being finished and now these billboards are popping up... 

I just want to say that I want whatever he is selling and I would have rather heard him on the track with Ross.  Ross dropped the ball leaving that planet from out of space a** verse on the song , wtf was Wayne even talking about ? 

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