Dear Ariana , STFU

It has been a year since we’ve loss Mac Miller , personally I was a huge fan. The week before he died he was on live and there weren’t many people on live. Mac never went live unless he was playing music , not talking to his fans . However , I managed to get a
“We Love You Mac”, in which he replied “thank you , love you too”. I was elated because I’ve been a huge Mac Miller fan since 2011 ,because  he was pretty dope in my eyes . I’ve literally watched most if not all of his interviews and that was years before his untimely passing.

(Fan created from Twitter)

That’s the thing about being a fan of someone , watching interviews help you see what kind of  person they are . He did a pop up show in Baltimore in 2015. Unfortunely , I had already paid for a trip
out of the country and couldn’t cancel.

Anyway let’s go back a little bit to when Ariana and him broke up. It seemed silent , he said nothing and she didn’t say anything either . All we knew was that she was now with Pete Davidson less than a month later and professing her love to him in interviews . She bragged about how she felt that she was going to
marry him in August of 2018..

Interesting enough because her and Mac had just ended things in May. That same month on May 17, 2018 , it was reported that Mac had crashed his G Wagon into a pole and fled the scene. He was later arrested and released.

The internet literally blamed Ariana , which was not ok and I didn’t agree with it but I understood the perspective . However, put us on notice that maybe Mac’s past substance abuse problems may have returned . Instead of ignoring the pressure , she cracked and pulled the “stop bullying me” card.

She pretty much confirmed our suspicions about whether he was on drugs and pretty much said she gave up. But if you once loved someone, you would
never throw them under the bus to save yourself.

Mac Miller didn’t address it in any tweet, interview or rant . Instead he used his music to express how he was feeling . In one of  three songs he released the week following he says “Everybody want a headline ,
I don’t got nothing to say..”. He then went onto release his fifth studio album called “Swimming”, on August 3, 2018 and seemed to be excited to go on tour.

Being with his fans probably made him content with himself. Meanwhile, Ariana is living expressing her love for Pete to anyone that will listen . A lot of  Mac’s songs seemed like a cry for help and how he felt after the breakup. Even his video for
“Self Care”, was broken down as codes about Ariana. 

Fast forward to his death, it seemed everyone was giving Ariana their sympathy before even his parents. He also had several friends in the industry like
Schoolboy Q , Vince Staples and Earlsweatshit , who till this day you can tell are still mourning.

I find it really interesting that no one even mentioned Normi Leasure in their blogs. Normi was his hometown girlfriend that he had dated for 8 years before he even got with Ariana. 

I believe she deserved some recognition and even though she had moved on in her own relationship. She still mourned but wrote a blog post expressing how she would like to remember him how they were..She even responded to a few fans stating that she would rather not attend the benefit concert but she had already sent his family her love.

This broke my heart because it’s like her 8 years with him to the media meant nothing , it was all about the girl with the big name for clicks and views. Not too long after Ariana started expressing her sympathy and making tribute posts and blah, blah, blah.

She ended things with Pete not too long after , I feel like the guilt ate her up . Personally she deserved to feel guilty for the harsh things she said about him. But the posts with his hoodie and dogs continued , as she ate up the sympathy . She was not in attendance to the benefit concert , I believe it was probably a request from his family . However , after his death she made everything dealing with him about her. 

Case and point , The Grammy’s after Cardi B won Best Rap Album , she tweeted this 

You know why because number one , Nicki is her friend and number two Mac was in the category .
She flipped this into a Mac issue , like everyone isn’t invited that is nominated..

At the end of the day , it wasn’t about you . You had moved on about your life and was so in love with your soulmate. Then her “Thank You Next” song is released, it was an Ode to all of her exes. I won’t lie I loved the song , however when she mentioned Mac I got pissed more sympathy sales.

Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm
'Cause he was an angel

Sis if he was such an angel , why did you leave him to deal with his demons alone. Throwing him under the bus saying you aren’t his mother, like you are trash.. She’s even added parts of her tour as a tribute to Malcom , which gains her more sympathy . But now it’s gone too fucking far. This man has been dead a year and his fans are mourning , including myself and somehow you turn the headlines and make it about you AGAIN! 

No one is saying wonder how his mom, dad, brother or friends are doing . I haven’t seen a statement about how they are feeling because this is real to them, they are truly mourning . An earlier interview with Schoolboy Q where he discusses it and breaks down in tears . 

But what does she do,  goes to the press about how she feels about the dealer being arrested

Now his RIP tributes are drowned with her headlines , which is sick to me. Let him have his moment because when he was alive you bailed on him to get married , not caring how that would affect him. But now that guilt is eating you up, you love to connect your name to his which is fucking disgusting. What a horrible human being , she did the same shit when she broke up with Pete and he wanted to kill himself . Tweeting about how she was sitting outside so they could talk, a genuine person would just keep that between them. I just want her to STFU and stop making this Mac Miller death about her . Unfortunely , you didn’t give him his flowers when he was living so don’t try to use his death for sympathy now.. 

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