YG and Kehlani, Real or Fake?

So let’s rewind back in the day all the way to one of YG’s first interviews on the Breakfast Club and one his songs . In the interview he discusses his boo and how she was in jail for armed robbery . He later said it was a joke but it definitely wasn’t , he was referring to Catelyn Sparks his current children’s mother. 
(The one on the right)

He also rapped about her in a song before:

“I had this girl name Cate she had tats on her face
But when I stopped fucking with her she turned gay”
-“I Got Bitches”- YG 2011

I always felt like his song “459” , was dedicated to her due to him mentioning both of their criminal backgrounds anyway. Fast forward, she outted him when she was pregnant saying he gave her herpes. Before you know it she said her page was hacked and she was never on Instagram again , outside of appearing on Mustard’s fiancé page and Snapchat

She currently has a personal page  and a business page for her lash business in California . YG has mentioned her several times in interviews , stating they will be together forever. So you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that him and Kehlani were dating . I currently follow Catelyn on Instagram and you can tell she’s really private which explains why there aren’t a lot of photos of her on the internet . 

Just last week , they took the kids to Disneyland , which is the video that all the blogs picked up of Harmony on the roller coaster. In March , he threw her a surprise birthday party in which some blogs picked up her baby bump.

They recently had a baby shower and their daughters birthday combined with a couple of friends. 

They welcomed Vibe in July , so
I was totally confused about when this could have taken place. 
(Notice his entire name is on her finger and Keenon is above her eyebrow)

(Notice the red bandana , who else you know would..Nevermind)

Anyway, so I’ll say this , Catelyn definitely still lives in the house that he just bought. After the information came out that they were dating , she posted a lot of things that pointed to detail. Like posting her eating items in the kitchen on the noticeable countertops . She also took a video in the living room with all the furniture covered like in the picture below. 

So onto this Kehlani thing , after it was released that they were in the making for 5 years . Which I feel is totally disrespectful to the woman at home that is taking care of his children while he’s frolicking with her . 

Sis 5 years , maybe she’s known him for 5 years but in the making girl.. goodbye

YG definitely loves his children’s mother .Now there aren’t many pictures of them on the internet but if you are a fan you know who she is. 

Everyone is bringing up the line from “Left , Right” like that means anything...

“I’m a Pisces , she’s a Taurus”

Now that I have mentioned all of that I will tell you how I feel this relationship was concocted by Karen Civil. It’s like a recreation of Nipsey and Lauren, they needed someone from the west coast who had their own name. And I don’t see Catelyn being very public , she seems to enjoy her private life.. 

Karen and YG are very close business partners and she literally releases any picture that YG actually wants posted. So the fact that Karen was the first person to post about the baby and posted at the baby shower.


But someone made a good point , is this business or personal .

Which makes a good point because once the news came out about them being together . She posted it as well , but she’s also close with YG so he gave her the ok to confirm the information. 

Why are you in the comments answering random people?

Are you trying to convince us or them because if they have been close all this time, in the age of TMZ , someone would have caught them out. I will say she is really close friends with Kamiyah and that is YG’s artist and “sister”.  They have been spotted at the same events but no pictures of them being affectionate .

Notice all the relationship confirmation is coming from Kehlani’s team to clean up her “homewrecker” allegations. YG and Kehlani are both being dragged for literally both having newborns at home . 

Meanwhile , Catelyn is living her best life with her daily reminders that she isn’t going anywhere . Still driving fancy cars the couple has and still living in the home . 

So yes , I believe this is fake someone got in touch with Karen and needed to make this work. Because she is too close to this situation, she was just in the picture with Cate . Now you are soo close to Kehlani.

YG has always been low key and to see him be so open about this is making me also think it’s fake . They are posting pictures and videos almost everyday , it’s overkill , that has never been YG’s brand.

This picture was taken August 24th, so it looks like they tried to get in front of it to have something to reference. Now I will say they are cute but I just can’t stop thinking about how Catelyn must feel , fake or not people have feelings . Now maybe they are all in on it together but we shall see. I’ll give it a fake 6-12 months .. 

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