There’s No Cure For The Emily’s

Social media has literally given everyone a voice and made Instagram the platform for validation in a relationships . Everyone on Instagram is perfect and they’ve never been through anything , their relationship, career and bank account are perfect . However , when we see celebrities real life play out in the public eye , we are the first ones to judge . Everyone has their own flaws and things they are not proud of but because of their celebrity we feel can throw stones .

Which brings me to Emily and Fabolous ,  I’ve been a Fab fan since “Ghetto Fabolous”his first album . So I’ve followed his career pretty closely , interviews , articles and mixtapes . Throughout his career , Fabolous has always been very tight lipped and private about his personal life . As a fellow Scorpio , I can relate to being private and keeping my personal life to myself . So when Emily was casted on “Love and HipHop” , I was confused because that would mean digging into Fabolous personal business. They had her say “He never claimed her”, I know that wasn’t true because she was featured as his girlfriend on his second episode of “How I’m Living” on BET.

 In his era , rappers normally didn’t brag about having girlfriends or wives . It was cool to rap about getting hoes and portraying to be single . Fast forward to the late 2000’s. 

Emily started off as his stylist and things progressed to now 16 years later they are still together . Unfortunately , two years ago there was a disturbing reports of domestic violence , in which a video resurfaced of Fab screaming at her and her father . Reports also show that her teeth were knocked out , which has still not been proven because the police report states no visible bruises appeared. 

However , none the less after years of getting dragged for staying so long with no ring . She was literally being put in Twitter and Instagram prayers . I personally talked to Fabolous sister in the DMs and according to her they should literally break up . She did defend her brother against any allegations. 

Fast forward to 2019, lately it seemed like Emily was leaving and not turning back. I noticed she moved out of the couples home and taking more vacations with her girls . But after 16 years sometimes people would just rather work on what they have than to let it go . Since I follow both I’ve seen them post each other over the years.

But since niggas realize what they maybe losing , he seems to be appreciating her more . Where before he would let the rumors fly . Now the two have been flaunted their relationship on Instagram more and people are literally bashing Emily . He has since done a couple of interviews on his “Summertime Shootout” album promo. Without going into detail , he discuss working on everything within and blocking outside comments out.  These interviews were a lot more vulnerable than others because he’s been so private over the years. I totally agree with him because none of us live with them .

At this point , we should all mind the business that pays us and let people be happy . Recently , Fabolous announced that Emily is pregnant with their first daughter. I am so glad she has stayed off of social media because the internet is a cruel place to be when you are already in an emotional state of mind. So congrats to them .No matter what our opinion is , this is not our life to live and what they do won’t make us or break us ..

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