Fake or Real Part 2

A few of months ago YG and Kehlani came out as a couple. However , because I follow YG’s children’s mother , I was skeptical but they kept posting pictures to convince us. This is where I feel like all the ends weren’t tied together for this publicity stunt . First of all , their  body language and public affection is cringey and speaks “I don’t really like this nigga”. Being hugged up with matching outfits has never been apart of YG’s brand. So I’m not sure whose career this was supposed to help. 

Rule #1 Make sure that the person that has been with their partner for years has limited to no interaction with them in the media .. 

A couple days before they came out as a couple . YG and his baby mother Catelyn were just at Disney Land with their kids having family day .

Rule #2 

Don’t push it with all the PDA pictures , let them happen gradually ..because this was excessive ..

Rule #3 
Make sure the person in a the “relationship” remembers they are in a “relationship”

Now I won’t say it’s completely fake , but it does seem that way . Last night he was performing at Camp Flog Gnaw and called out for Kehlani to come out on stage.. From Instagram it looks like she was just out in the audience enjoying herself..

He posted this a couple days ago and under it Kehlani laughed , but now her comment is gone after the cheating allegations..

This was posted this morning , notice the floor so you woke up and took a shower here . Which happens to be the same place your child’s mother still lives with the kids hmmmm. I wish I screenshotted her in their walk-in closet around the time he was supposed to be with Kehlani..

Also posted today..

Now I don’t have much proof that Karen Civil is organizing these relationships , but I will say it seems too much of coincidence . See previous blog post about this . I have noticed that Karen has been trying to play her part as a fixer. When all that information came out about Meg and Moneybag , she called herself  trying to prove they weren’t broken up... When in all actuality they were never in a real relationship to begin with . But that is another post for another day . All I will say is Karen tighten up any loose ends before you organize these relationships..All of a sudden Karen is BFFs with Kehlani

The receipts point to either they are in an open relationship  or they are just cool and not in a relationship at all .. 

She recently also deleted all of his pictures off of her page..

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