Fake or Real pt 3

Sooo a couple of weeks after Kehlani released “You Know Wassup”. The couple had not been seen out anywhere . They both had separate holiday festivities , YG having dinner with his child’s mother and kids .

Ok , so let me gather the timelines of these events . YG had been seen with Meg out shopping on Rodeo Drive and Kehlani was seen partying with Torey Lanez..

However, in the meantime YG deleted all of those extra pictures off of his page...and threatened Torey subliminally on Instagram 

Kehlani addressed the rumors about Torey Lanez 

Kehlani posted this on her page , I guess he finally gave her those roses she was begging for. She posted the pictures below , so

I guess all is well in Stuntville .. And send my girl Catelyn a “Thank You”card please..

PS. If you have to beg a man for flowers and affection. Move on he’s not for you , you are the prize. Get some self esteem about yourself . And if you are going to take him back, I don’t want to hear another song... Girl Bye😂

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