Jhene has returned with another one . As I previously stated , her singles are leading up to her new album titled “Chilombo”. 

The three songs before the new single , tell a story of a woman going through the different steps of a breakup. However , in this single she explores her sexual urges and brags about how proud she is of her and her man’s sexual escapades . As life plays before our very eyes
and life imitates art , we now know that her and Big Sean are back together . 

I love all of these singles because it feels like we are going through these emotions with her and she is telling us a story. “None of Your Concern”, left us on some sort of cliff hanger with a verse from Big Sean. It was the equivalent  of your ex coming over to explain himself and you let him in. Then “P*ssy Fairy” is the part where you didn’t tell your friends you two are back together and now you’re just bragging about getting laid again. So the missing link is somewhere in between “Nobody hit it since you hit it ..” on “Triggered”, back to bragging about ‘how proud you are of his d*ck’ on “P*ssy Fairy”. I guess when he reminded her how many times he made her come on his verse , gave us “P*ssy Fairy”. 

I’m sure we will get the meat and potatoes on her new album or possibly a Twenty 88 project . He did tag ‘88’ on that screenshot of her video . Either way I’m here for it , I’ve been on this journey too long to stop now. True love is hard to find and once you find it don’t let it go. Finding your soulmate and fighting for whatever you have no matter what any outsiders have to say is not easy. It seems they are getting it together and I am happy for them , everyone deserves genuine happiness..

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