Ending in Stuntville..

Three days after their attempt at a love song , it’s officially over . I called this months ago ,none of this seemed authentic to me . It seemed like he was always trying to prove the relationship was real more than she was trying . On Friday they released a song called “Konclusions”

I will say I didn’t care for the song , it seemed forced. Musically they don’t mesh at all and unfortunately everyone could hear it . Let’s rewind back to a couple of days ago where she posted a picture of someone with her name tatted on their wrist .

I guess it was to match her tattoo that she told us she had of him on the last song..

So on Valentines Day , she put a video of her walking up to him with roses everywhere . Fast forward to today 

Like I said before I didn’t want to hear anymore songs. All of this seemed like a PR stunt from day one , but it was never to help him . His career is already established with number 1 songs . Honestly Kehlani is literally a local artist , she’s not as mainstream as him. So for the life of me I don’t understand how she said in the song he was using her for status , fame and recognition . Sis, he made a song dissing the president why would he need you for anything . He’s literally in the press for being himself , he’s been the same artist since I’ve been a fan. He’s never low key and stays with the same dudes and speaks his mind . So why are you the person he would use .

Now if this relationship was real , I still don’t feel bad for her because he still lives with his kids and baby mother . How far did Kehlani think this was going to go? 

I still feel like this is something Karen Civil conjured up to help change the narrative of Kehlani. Because she was literally being harassed at all of her shows for the Kyrie Irving relationship and they just stopped harassing her. Since social media has made everyone obsessed with couples , this would change her image . So this seemed like a favor , but Kehlani had all of this up her sleeve in the beginning to be the victim . 

Crazy part is how are you supposed to be helping fix someone else’s image and get yours tarnished in the end .. do better Keenon

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Carrie Bradshaw said...

I don’t know what language this is 🤣🤣🤣

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