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How did I know this was going to turn into a salacious headline ? Why because black media is messy as hell . They never uplift positivity or great things that black artist or actors do, they’d rather find the mess and watch our own people be dragged . In the above interview , August Alsina discuss a multitude of things. I’m still frustrated he went to the Shaderoom for that interview last year , wish he would have just sat down with Yee from jump. However , in one portion of the interview he discusses his relationship with The Smith’s.

This may have been new to a lot of people but it wasn’t new to me . I am an avid interview watcher and I’ve heard the things that Will and Jada have said about their marriage . I just feel like black people are so desperate to look for the perfect example of #BlackLove that we ignore the signs.

Here is an interview of Will and Jada basically saying they will be together no matter what :

I don’t think anyone paid attention to that and just called them weird . Then we saw Jada tell August that he reminded her of Pac and we all should have known then . Based on the type of relationship they had and how she still can’t let it go. So much that her daughter wrote a letter to him asking him to come back so her mother can be happy again .

I feel like Will knows her heart had never let go of Tupac and for her to say August reminded her of him 
it’s like she was with Tupac all over again. We’ve never really got clarification of the extent of the friendship but we do know that he was in love .

Fast forward to August and Jada writing each other loving birthday wishes .

Everyone always talks about his post but ignores hers. They seemed to have a real relationship built on love , however it could never flourish because she will never leave Will. They are a Brand and maybe people are  little mad because it tarnished the image they had of the couple in their head but that’s not August’s fault .

I feel like Jada took advantage of his vulnerability and used him to fill a void . He’s never been in real love before and she was that for him. He also said they lived together but no one caught that part . He’s been through a lot and he was putting this out their because this relationship affected a lot for him . His character was questioned , he lost out on deals and other opportunities. While all of this was happening , did any one of the Smiths come out to defend him. HELL NO! So he is allowed to tell his truth because it is his life.

Now after August Alsina’s interview was released , Tisha Campbell posted something on Instagram. There has always been speculations of her ex husband and Will being a couple on the low . Now whether it is true or not, I’m here for any tea she has to spill.

Couple Trip👇🏾

Anyway let’s not try to bring all this heat on Jada & August let’s give Will some as well. Will gave August his blessing because Will and Jada are literally roommates at this point in life . Plus he’s been doing his thing for years , if you to hear more Tasha K (Youtuber) release that information last year about this whole conundrum .

In 2017, Will was linked to a model named Heidy Del Rosa and they were traveling all over the world . This would fit perfectly in the timeline of Jada and August.

Now I’m not sure if they are still together ,however he has also been linked to a younger actress named Liza Koshy as early as last year .

 I think that this interview that August did touched more on his life than anyone else’s . He’s been through a lot and doesn’t deserve to be bashed and it seems he’s above the criticism at this point . As his fans warned him about giving the Shaderoom content , he tells them to fly above it. He seems at peace with himself and whatever truth he wants to speak , while raising his 3 nieces as his own children now. Don’t forget to stream his new album, I absolutely love it .

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