Fenty Skin To The Rescue

While we all are wishing for a new Rihanna album , Ms. Fenty has other plans. As we settled in our slumber last night , Fenty Skin launched a Twitter page ,website and Instagram page.

Rihanna is building an empire with the Fenty name , no wonder she allegedly sued her father for using the name . Fenty Beauty (stylized as FEИTY BEAUTY) is cosmetics brand that was launched in September 2017 by the artist . The brand has been a complete

First of all her skin is flawless , so I am so happy for her unlike others she doesn’t have makeup on in her tutorial . I am looking forward to her brand and seeing what else she has lined up. She has already entered the world of lingerie , high fashion, beauty and now skincare . Seems a lot of people have studied her blueprint ,however I will always stan for everything black!  

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