Keke You Should Have Sat and Ate Your Food..

(Courtesy of The Empressive Channel)
I find it interesting after that meme that Keke Palmer got famous for ,she’s been feeling herself . However sis , you should chill out because inserting yourself in business that doesn’t pay you is never a good idea. You’re coming off as bitter and an attention seeker. 

You yourself literally just came out a couple years ago to tell us that you were in love with Keenon. Who is Keenon you ask?

No one asked you for this information ,but you felt compelled to go into detail about how you felt when he got his girlfriend pregnant . You even shared in your memoirs about how you stayed up crying all night . Sis, so I find it interesting how you can then insert yourself in the literal same type of  situation and be shady.

It seems like Keke has alluded to dating a lot of men in the industry . However , those men have  refused to claim you sis, I’m trying to figure out what is so amusing . Because if I recall he’s still with the same woman til this day and has never claimed dating you. So to see you being shady to promote that wack song you have is hilarious . You like to throw rocks and hide your hand a lot , then play victim . Remember when you made an entire spectacle of a 3 second scene of a video and tried to claim ‘Sexual intimidation’ . You seem to always have your trigger words loaded to play victim . Then claimed you talked to Trey Songz and discussed it which he denied . So you had an entire battle in your head about him and resolved it . I believe August , you don’t seem mentally stable .

I feel like people continue to feel bad for her when she is in fact the villain. You tried to bring up looks because August said you could never , he never mentioned looks so that is your own insecurities jumping out . August Alsina has always been a hot head when triggered and she knew if she kept poking the bear , that he would go off . She knew that she could play victim because this has been a big story , basically clout chasing . Sis, go have a seat and mind your business..

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