Miss Thang Turns 25 Years Old

The ‘Miss Thang’ album was a different experience for me , I was 8 years old when it was released. However, I was singing every word in my aunts dining room like I could understand every emotion she was singing . When I realize she recorded that album at 13 years old, I was shocked because you couldn't tell me she wasn't at least 18. Her voice seemed to be much mature than her peers and she carried herself like a respectable young lady .I could definitely relate to the sass and attitude of the ‘Miss Thang’ title track and played this cassette tape so much. The 90's was a different era , most of the young women were clean cut and played a squeaky clean image. Everything about the 90's was about protecting your image and presenting yourself as "the girl next door".  She seemed to be the most authentic as far as her personality. 

Just reading the articles in Word Up and Right On, you could tell she was a real girl that had been through things. As a young girl from Baltimore, life can happen fast and we have real life experiences at a young age . So I related to her music more because of the subject matter. My favorite songs on the album were ‘Tell Me If You Care’,‘Miss Thang’ and ‘This and That’.

The two big singles on the album were, ‘Before You Walk Out of My Life’ and ‘Why I Love You So Much’. Til this day those two songs have aged amazingly and just seeing her being so transparent throughout the years , I still can’t believe she was only 13 years old. Well now we are getting a documentary about the album and I’m extremely excited . I’m glad she is able to tell her own stories and we get to see some of the unreleased footage of her studio time , performances and personal videos. 

I had the opportunity to meet her a few years ago and I screamed. She is definitely one of my favorite artists of all time and I will continue to support anything she does . She deserves her flowers and so much more..

Here are my favorite performances from this album

Global Grind Wrote A Great Piece on The Album Two Years Ago

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