Fashion Icon: Pharrell Williams

There is no denying Pharrell’s influence on fashion since he came into the music industry as a producer. Even his N.E.R.D. trucker became a hipsters favorite and until this day can be found on Ebay for high resale values. Unfortunately, there are also fakes produced by bootleggers in foreign countries. His eccentric style has evolved into the world of high fashion with his collaborations with Chanel and Adidas with his "Human Race" sneaker and apparel. He has since announced a new skincare line with the same name sake, it will be released November 25.

 Lets take a look at some of Pharrell's looks and some interviews about his fashion sense.

With Pharrell Williams , there are years and stages of fashion to look into. So let’s break everything down , let’s start with Furs.

Between his personal collection and his Chanel collection , his bag collection is phenomenal . People don’t want to have the Birkin talk with Pharrell

Hat Swag

Shorts Swag


Apart of Pharrell’s unique and eclectic style is the way he mixes and matches statement pieces. You may catch him in his customs Timberlands, Chanel belt or his polka dot cardigan with other pieces . Here are a few of my favorite looks..

His spot  in fashion has been solidified and his style can be found in the newer generation. Along with his illustrious music career, he is an icon . But no matter how many outfits we love on him , we still won’t see a picture of the triplets..=)

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