New Music ;The Women Didn’t Come To Play

Ari Lennox and Queen Naija 
These ladies have collaborated for a single from Queen’s deluxe to her debut album , ‘Missunderstood’. The song gives a female version of 'Same Girl' by Usher and R Kelly, where the two find out they are dealing with the same man and decide to come together to set him up. This song is an extreme vibe, however many Ari fans were not happy with her due to comments Queen has since apologized for several times. Unfortunately, due to this reason it seems Ari as not promoted the song or approved the edits to the video because of the backlash. That is extremely unprofessional, it reminds me of the time she folded under pressure last year to go against her label CEO J Cole because of a song where he expressed his feelings for a fellow artist. She took the young woman's side and went against the home team. Either way this is a dope song and Ari is truly missing her opportunity if she lets this song go under the radar.

As an update the video has now been released 

Doja Cat and SZA

I will definitely say I was waiting for these two worlds to collide , their chemistry is great. I believe both of these women’s talent speaks for itself. Their imagination when it comes to imaginary is dope as well , this video gives me a different galaxy vibes. It is very colorful and playful , making the song very fun and not to serious . It’s giving Saturday at the skating ring type of bounce.

Gwen Stefani and Saweetie

The visual was great , Gwennie seems to be everyone’s  fave. Her solo career has taken her above and beyond. This gave me ‘Hollaback Girl’ , but I wish that Saweetie would not have been added to this song.People are literally making commercial ads over it . But anyway in the words of the Queen Aretha , “Beautiful gowns ..”.

                         Sonder and Jorja Smith 

The way these two voices collide on this track and keep you mesmerized is amazing . It’s like a marriage of two musical soulmates, as they sing about regretting   what happened between them. She sings about him not caring about her and she should have listened to her friends . He professes his caring about her and not being able to handle their situation . I wouldn’t mind an entire EP.


I had run across this artist in my Apple Music travels and again on The Joe Budden Podcast. She has about 4 singles in her repertoire and I am dying to hear more from her . She released a regular video for it a month ago and it was really dope. She is a very talented young lady, my favorite song of hers is  'Not The Same', please check her out. She started out as a DJ in LA and was even feature in the VoyageLA.

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