Kanye West Reveals ‘Donda’ Album Cover

Everyone knows how important Kanye’s mother is to him . We as music lovers have watched Kanye spiral and go into a dark place several times since her death . However , after the announcement of a divorce between the rapper/mogul and Kim Kardashian , we all wondered would we get the old version of Kanye back. That verdict is still out and we will see what this album is about . 

What we do know is that  Kanye unfollowed all of the sisters on social media . Several news sources have reported on him wanting to be separated from the family.  They even reported on him moving while Kim was out of the family home. This week different sources announced a private and public listening party for an album called , ‘Donda’. At the private listening session, he could be heard stating that the family home became a prison . So it seems this album will give us raw emotions and honesty, the Kanye we all love .

 We previously got a glimpse of a tracklist.

Yesterday the cover was revealed and details on the cover as well..

Will You All Be Listening , The Album May In Fact Be Released Friday July 23 or 24th to keep the original release date from last year.

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