New Music: Mariah The Scientist ‘RY RY WORLD’ Album

Stumbling upon Mariah The Scientist was a gem in itself , her first project 'Master' was our introduction to her . However, she has moved on with her story to her second project called , 'RY RY WORLD'. This seems like a part two of the story previously told on 'Master'. She is telling a story from her perspective of a woman in a bad relationship. Mariah has a very distinctive tone and her beat choice seems very melancholy, this definitely captivates her audience . 

The Atlanta native takes us on a second emotional journey of  song about heartbreak. She opens the project with Impalas & Air Force 1s, which she asks to be taken into her lover or ex lovers world hoping to be his favorite girl .  Her subject matter of each song shows the different emotions of a woman during heartbreak , in Aura she is telling him how much she loves him even though he may hate her. This song screams a song created in the 70's , especially the background vocals that seem to be behind the beat. Walked In describes  her initial encounter with a guy and how she knew who she was leaving with . RIP seems to dig into how invisible she seemed to this man and how she wouldn't mind continuing this love in the afterlife no matter how much of a fool she's been for him.  It seemed to be s suicide letter of sorts , saying she wouldn't write one but seems to describe her suicide options.

2You admires what the two produced in their relationship, however it seems she doesn't feel comfortable discussing it. It seemed her partner wanted to be free and live the single life .She even talks about how they met , but wishes she would have taken simple advice that wouldn't have led her down this path. Brain discusses her mental issues , it seems she is dealing with a lot . The way she discusses her imagination tells a lot and again she discusses suicide. Her partner found her on the floor and she wished she'd locked the door so he wouldn't have saved her. Maybe seems to have her living in regret about how the relationship ended up. Seems he changed and his friends encouraged him to deal with industry groupies , that are materialistic with big booties. 

As the album is coming to an end,  Always n Forever that she in fact will be with him forever and she will always be his woman. Lil Baby cosigns her sentiments from a male perspective to let her know he will not let her go until he's six feet under. All For Me describes an experience where her guy isn't answering the phone and she knows he's with someone else . She is only 5 minutes away from him and she will pull up. She wants to know what the girl he's with has on her because she knows that she isn't half of her . Revenge ends the album with a song that is similar to her previous single Reminder on her previous album . She describes being dressed in all black as if she is attending his funeral with his blood on her hands. However, once you listen to the beginning again you realize that she is saying he is dead to her , so discussing a funeral could be seen either way.

In totality the project is amazing , she did it again now we are all in our feelings. While reading the lyrics we notice a reference to the Teenage Tour , which is a tour with Lil Yatchy. Fans have noticed the two were a couple previously and that most of her music is about the Atlanta rapper. 

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