Ari Lennox is Coming !!

Ari will be releasing a new single this Friday and we are here for it ! Her first album ‘Shea Butter Baby’, was an R&B classic in our opinion. She was snubbed for a Soul Train Award but she is back with a vengeance . From the visuals we see she is going with a vintage glam girl theme . This time around it looks like the team may have a solid foundation on her image aka “There Is A Budget”. Based on the reception from the public , this more polished look may work for the DC native.

Previously , we got natural Ari with glam and now we may get a more scantily clad Ari . She has expressed about her weight loss before and glad she found some looks to work for her . So we have Ari this Friday and Sevyn next Friday .  All we are looking for is SZA and Summer , and the R&B girls will own the Fall…

How Do You All Feel About The Snippet?

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