Will The Real Normani Please Stand Up?

In Normani’s short career after departing from the group Fifth Harmony , we have yet to see her potential as a solo artist. It seems we were all rooting for her because of the harsh treatment she allegedly received in the group. However, after capitalizing off of that moment , it seems she fell short to deliver a stand out star career.

However , since her first single “Love Lies” outside of the group with Khalid. She has produced “Waves” featuring 6lack and “Motivation”, in 2019. Still there is no album or what seems to be a strong team around her . So let’s get into the homage portion. It seems so far her biggest moments so far ,have been paying homage to artists that she looks up to. Which confuses fans because since there isn’t a solo project , we don’t know what Normani has to offer . Lets take a look at these moments 

1. Motivation

Because of her leaving the group and becoming
a solo artist , her team thought that her homage to Beyoncé would be a good idea . However , by attaching herself to such a big name may have been a mistake . Her video paid homage to the “Crazy in Love”, but because she didn’t follow up with much it seemed like just a moment.

2. Wildside

There was a lot of controversy around the song , due to     the interpolation of  “One In A Million”. This was addressed by Barry “No Good” Hankerson.

Normani also seemed to receive backlash because of the featured artist Cardi B. Unfortunately , there is a hate train toward her and it may have rubbed off on Normani . Though Cardi has championed the song and helped and supported her , stan Twitter aka ‘The Barbz’ really turned on Normani . The video was inspired by Aaliyah with the choreography and she seemed to be working the song slowly .

3. VMA Wildside Performance

 After campaigning for a performance spot on the VMA’s, she was announced to perform a couple of days before the show . Due to Cardi B just giving birth on December 4th, she was unable to perform with Normani. She incorporated Teyana Taylor in her performance as a tribute to Janet Jackson.

So as we stated before with no solo project , we don’t know what Normani has to offer and what she brings . Artist development is needed but is it too late and did she miss the mark . Normani should establish her own identity before it is too late . Always paying homage could seem like she’s playing karaoke honestly . We wish her the best but if she doesn’t release a solo project soon, she could be forgotten soon …

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